Not giving money to Microsoft

Last week I had a great email conversation with the San Diego Ruby Users Group (SDRuby).  I told them “I’m on a mac. I have parallels, but no windows license. I need to test stuff in IE and don’t want to buy Windows. I have absolutely no other reason to use Windows than occasionally testing stuff on IE, thus the full cost of a windows 7 license just isn’t justifiable.”

The response from the group was incredible. It was obvious that this is a pain point for many of us who have turned our backs on Ballmer.

I got seven suggestions. Here’s a breakdown of each followed by my conclusions: (Read More)

Chosing the Right Design Bandwagon

Posted On December 15, 2009

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I nearly made a fatal web design mistake. It could have cost my company it’s future. Why? I almost hopped on the wrong design bandwagon and created a website that wouldn’t have resonated with my users.

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