Why do I enjoy working for myself so much?

Posted On December 2, 2009

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While sitting on my meditation cushion this morning this very question crossed my mind.  Like a “good” meditator, I  let it roll thought my consciousness and not get too attached to it.  A little while longer here it comes again.  I took this as a sign that it might be time to chew this over so I did.  This blog posting is the result of that analysis. (Read More)

Getting the right HTML for Rails Nested Model Forms

Last week I had trouble getting Rails’s Nested Model Forms feature to work for me in exactly the way I wanted.  Two things were working against me: 1) No documentation that shows the complete process for nested models from ERB to HTML, to HTTP parameters, to controller code. and 2) Blogs and suggestions I came up with were close, but didn’t work.

Since I was using javascript rather than ERB to create the hidden input tags in the HTML, I needed to know exactly how to construct my tags to tell rails what to do with my nested models. (Read More)

What do test first development and dental floss have in common?

Posted On November 3, 2009

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Yes I am going to write another blog posting singing the praises of test first development (be it TDD, BDD or whatever DD is cool now).  What will be new is that I’m going to compare it to something that I avoided doing for almost 36 years on this planet, flossing my teeth regularly.

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